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Daily Connect

Anna's Bananas Daycare and Preschool is proud to offer Daily Connect- a unique web application that allows us to share personal information about your child's day with you via an android, iphone or ipad application or by using a basic internet browser. Also an end of the day e-mail is sent to your primary e-mail address for added convenience as well as if those other options aren't readily available to you. Daily Connect replaces the conventional daily sheets that families received previously, via the use of a Wifi-enabled tablet, one of which is assigned to each of our classrooms Infants-Pre K.

Throughout the day, staff members will capture "events" such as: Meals-breakfast, snacks and lunch, circle time, and group activities, diapering and potty training, special interests your child enjoys participating in, pictures and MORE. With this system, you will not have to wait until the end of the day to find out how what your child has done. Events are logged in real time and automatic updates will go right to your phone (for those who choose to utilize the iphone or android application), and you will be able to view which teacher posted the information about your child. Additionally, you can send your child's teacher individualized messages if you have questions about a particular event, or even notify the teachers something as simple as "I will be there 2:30 to pick up Johnny as he has a dental appointment". At the end of the day, a summary will be emailed to you with the happenings of your child's day and you won't have to ponder where you set that daily sheet down. Daily connect is user friendly and also environmentally friendly as we reduce our environmental footprint by switching from paper to electronic communication.

Those who would be interested in using the iphone/android/ipad application the cost is a ONE TIME FEE of $4.99 to download from your phones "App Store". Unfortunately, daily connect is not yet supported for any other operating systems but that of iphone and android. Developers at Daily Connect are working to expand their accessibility to other devices in the future. The web application which can be accessed by going to www.dailyconnect.com is FREE for your convenience and can be accessed easily with an internet and browser connection! The program was introduced at Anna's Bananas Northfield facility in March of 2013 and was a success. Our other locations made the transition to Daily Connect in the Summer and Fall of 2013 and we have recevied phenomenal feedback from the parents.

With the utilization of Daily Connect, Anna's Bananas Daycare & Preschool is bridging the gap between Parent and Caregiver communications and is emerging as a leader in innovation in the childcare field.

Read what our families have to say about Daily Connect:

I love the ability to have communication with my son's teachers throughout the day. The pictures and comments let me know he's doing well and taken care of! The teachers are always timely in response to any questions/post.
B. Amy - Northfield Location
In my opinion this really makes you stand out over any other daycare. Your staff does great but this is the icing on the cake.
K. Rasmuson - Northfield Location
We love the system and that we get to have direct contact with the center that cares for our child during the day.
D. Cox - Northfield Location
The teachers do an AMAZING job at keeping us informed and communicating with us. We LOVE Anna's and Daily Connect. It helps us work better knowing how our baby is doing.
C. Propson - Farmington Location
I like seeing the eat/sleep schedule (helps @ home) as well as what was eaten & how much. The pictures are great! Keep them coming. It's also nice to know what is going on throughout the day (activities, locations etc.)
B. Nielsen - Farmington Location
It helps me plan our evenings at home. Also gives me things to talk to child about when asking how her day was. I also love the pictures and seeing my daughter throughout the day...it brightens my day!
F. Angieri - Apple Valley Location
I LOVE connect!!! As a first time mom, I miss my baby so much and connect makes me feel like I am still a part of her day. Great updates, timely too!!!
K. Mack - Apple Valley Location
I love the daily connect. I know how my child is doing throughout the day not just at the end. A great addition to a great program!
E. Garcia - Apple Valley Location
It is a high point of every day for both Asher's father and me to see smiling pictures throughout the day, to know that he is being taken care of very well and that he enjoys his teachers and friends.
A. Prayfrock - Burnsville Location
This was a big factor in choosing Anna's Bananas for our family. Our son is the baby of 5 siblings- all around for us. His oldest brother fly's for the Navy- I send him these photo's daily. Thank You! He gets to feel family daily while he is serving our country. Thank you for bringing out family together
L. Kusumoto - Burnsville Location
I love this; it is becoming even more personalized. The messages that I get that are specific to my son and the pictures make my day. I love that the teachers & aides take the time to do Daily Connect throughout the day.
G. Chase - Burnsville Location